SQL Intermediate

Course Length: 2 Days

Learning Objectives:
  • Sample a very large database to have accurate knowledge of the structure and contents
  • Use several tools to monitor and possibly improve the performance of complex queries on large databases, including using the query execution plan, optimizer hints, and other tools
  • Know when and how to use temporary tables, query-scope tables, Common Table Expressions, and subqueries of various types to solve complex problems
  • Handle all logical and performance issues with joins and subqueries on large tables
  • Handle recursive relationships with recursive With, the Oracle Connect By, and/or the SQL Server HierarchyID data type
  • Handle character data with built-in functions, Soundex, full-text searches, and Regular Expressions
  • Use Case logic to control how sorting, grouping and other operations work
  • Summarize data, including handling missing values, creating pivot reports using Pivot or Case logic, using Rollup and Cube, and using basic analytic (OLAP) functions
Target Student:
This course is designed for application developers.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Introduction
  • The ISO Standard
  • Learning about the database structure
  • Sampling a large database
  • Performance considerations
  • Minimize locking
  • Maximize index use
  • Statistics and Access Paths
  • Viewing a query execution plan
  • Getting performance help
  • Optimizer hints
Section 2: Techniques for Solving Complex SQL Problems
  • Creating temporary and query-scope tables and indexes
  • Review of inserting, updating, and deleting
  • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
Section 3: Using Multiple Tables
  • Intersection: inner joins
  • Join performance considerations
  • Inner joins vs. Outer joins
  • Left, Right, and Full outer joins
  • Recursive joins and complex relationships
  • More complex relationships
  • The "bill of materials" problem
  • Recursive With
  • Oracle's Connect By
  • SQL Server HierarchyID data type
  • Difference: Not Exists and Not IN
  • Set operators: Union, Union All
Section 4: Text Handling Issues
  • Text handling functions
  • Unicode
  • Regular Expressions
  • Creating a full-text index using the Contains function
Section 5: Case Logic
  • Review of "simple" When clauses
  • Review of "searched" When clauses
  • Case in other contexts
  • Within functions and expressions
  • In a From clause
  • In an Order By clause
  • In an Update
  • With nested Selects
  • In Group By
Section 6: SQL Summarization
  • Review Group By
  • Filtering groups with Having
  • Additional summarizing examples
  • Using Pivot clause
  • Using Case logic
  • Analytic (OLAP) functions
  • Other considerations: logical and performance issues
Section 7: Stored Procedures
  • Overview of stored procedures
  • Basic stored procedures

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