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Through our partnership with Priority Management, The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company is able to offer our clients world class Project Management training that will develop your skills and competencies to make you more productive and effective. These courses provide practical improvement solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations that already know the basics of project management and are ready to excel at what they do. Learn more about each course below.
Microsoft Project Level 1 (Basic)

Designed for:
  • New or inexperienced users
  • Those who wish to round out their knowledge of Project's most commonly used features
Goals: This class will help users who would like to learn how to use this powerful program to manage one or more projects efficiently. You’ll receive a thorough overview of the key capabilities that make Project so powerful, including organizing, creating, scheduling and linking tasks, and managing timelines. In addition you’ll explore its many reporting features, and how to format and print Gantt charts and other finishing touches.
Upcoming Classes:
  • September 26 & 27, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
  • December 19 & 20, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
Microsoft Project Level 2 (Advanced)

Designed for:
  • Experienced users responsible for large or multiple projects
  • Those interested in extending their familiarity by mastering some of the more complex tools available
Goals: Here you’ll learn how to track the progress, manage project costs, and to create, link, and share resource pools. Your skills will be further honed by learning how to properly handle multiple projects and reports.
Upcoming Classes:
  • July 21, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
  • October 26, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
  • February 27, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Designed for:
  • Administrative professionals who need to run small to medium sized projects for their team and organization
Goals: You’ll learn the importance of planning, how to develop achievable plans and how to manage all the different phases of project management. Additionally, you’ll get the skills you need to influence, inform, and manage projects.
Upcoming Classes:
No public classes are currently scheduled...
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Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Designed for:
  • Non-Project Managers who need to run small to medium sized projects for their team and organization
Goals: By the end of the class, you’ll learn the importance of planning, how to develop achievable plans and collaborate effectively with all members of your team.
Upcoming Classes:
  • November 15 & 16, 2022 1pm to 4pm EST
Project Planning Breakthroughs

Designed for:
  • Novices looking to learn how project management works
  • Those taking one of our Microsoft Project training classes who first need to understand the theory behind project management
  • Project management veterans who support, manage or initiate projects and are looking to enhance their skills
Goals: This program provides a streamlined overview of the basics, while focusing on a vastly improved methodology to meet the rigorous challenges of developing a project execution plan. This course goes beyond the standards in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), the recognized learning designation in this field and has 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units) recognized by the Project Management Institute. Priority Management is also registered with the Project Management Institute as a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)
Upcoming Classes:
  • July 20-22, 2022 8:30am to 4:30pm ET
Microsoft Outlook 4 Projects

Designed for:
  • Those looking to track and communicate the impact of change for an existing project plan and have chosen not to use a dedicated project management software
  • Outlook users managing small to medium sized projects where only basic reporting is required
Goals: This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively manage those projects within the familiar interface of MS Outlook. Managing both Operational and Project work in one place will enhance your ability to stay in control of follow-ups, commitments and important deadlines.
Upcoming Classes:
No public classes are currently scheduled...
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With Project Management Training you can learn to...

  • Work Efficiently
    • Allocate and share resources, and resolve conflicts among them
    • Determine where and when to best apply project management software
    • Apply a simple, yet powerful method to resolve complex resource constraints
  • Work Effectively
    • Immediately improve the application of MS Project to your own project workload
    • Produce reports of value, both in standard and customized formats
    • Accurately monitor multiple projects through proven tracking and updating techniques
  • Work Brilliantly
    • Integrate contingency planning through "Scenario Estimating"
    • Create a detailed Execution Plan using a unique process called Objective Driven Logic, applied to a Time-Scaled Dependency Chart
    • Bring final closure to the project through the application of a 3-level review process
  • And More!

The WorkingSm@rt® Method

WorkingSm@rt® is a flexible and practical combination of behavior changing methods, best practice process and planning, using world class tools that will transform the way you work.

With the WorkingSm@rt method you will gain control over your day, find balance, prioritize your work and reach your goals. Giving you time to focus on the tasks that are important to you and your company.

Easily applied and simply sustained, the WorkingSm@rt method provides lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Over 30 Years of Refinement

The WorkingSm@rt method was created to meet the changing demands of a complex modern global business world, evolving with the challenges in business to provide the solutions that organizations need to be successful.

Since its launch in 1983 more than 2 million business men and women from organizations both large and small have been trained in the WorkingSm@rt method, giving them control over their day and making them better at what they do.

More Time Less Stress

WorkingSm@rt will give you back the most valuable of all resources - Time. Time to spend on your next innovation, your staff, your customers, or simply time with your family and friends. When you feel in control of your day and it’s you making the decisions, you can concentrate on the activities you get the most from and that bring you the most reward.

Leverage Technology and Software You Already Use

One of the many benefits of the WorkingSm@rt method is its ability to integrate with industry standard business software and hardware configurations. Many organizations, large and small, have a complex mix of systems, processes and procedures that requires training be customized to match their specific needs. WorkingSm@rt has this flexibility built-in.

Turn Intentions Into Actions and Your Actions Into Results

WorkingSm@rt will give you the tools to follow through on your good intentions and give you back the time you need to be successful – in all areas of your life. We will help you identify the priorities in your day while minimizing the interruptions and time-eating bad habits.