Microsoft Teams Complete

Course Length: 6 hours (1 day)
Microsoft Teams provides an extremely flexible cloud-based workspace, where Office 365 users can send messages, share files, and do so much more.

Teams can be created for a department, a project or just about anything you like. They can be public or private, and you can join or leave as many teams as needed. Each team has access to channels where people can communicate, sharing messages and files.

Microsoft Teams also provides additional communication tools, such as chat, meetings, file sharing, audio and video calling and more.

Learning Objectives:
    Gain the knowledge and hands-on practice you need to create and manage teams and channels, share files and ideas, schedule meetings, set up audio and video calls, and integrate other services and data. Increase your productivity, communication, and flexibility as you acquire the skills you need to create and manage teams, share ideas quickly, communicate with chats, audio, or video, schedule meetings, and even add apps to integrate other services. You will:
  • Create teams for a department, a project or for anything you like
  • Use Microsoft Teams to provide a collaborative, cloud-based workspace
  • Create and manage channels to allow users to talk to each other and share information and files
  • Access channels, share files and messages
  • Post, edit, delete and manage messages
  • Bring messages to a specific person’s attention with mentions and announcements
  • Keep detailed information accessible to all team members with the wiki
  • Make video and audio calls using the chat window
  • Create, edit and schedule meetings that will be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrate existing services with features such as connectors, apps and bots
  • And so much more...
Target Student:
All new users to Teams who want to understand what Microsoft Teams is and get up to speed and able to start using it quickly. It will also help more experienced users customize Teams to meet their needs.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started
Teams Overview
Navigating the App Bar
Viewing Your Feed
Managing your Teams Profile
Searching in Teams
Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
Understanding Desktop vs. Mobile Apps vs. MAC

Section 2: Creating and Managing Teams and Channels
Understanding Teams and Channels
Viewing Teams and Channels
Creating Public and Private Teams
Creating Standard and Private Channels
Joining a Team with a Code
Marking a Channel as a Favorite
Following and Unfollowing a Channel
Adding another Member to a Team
Leaving a Team

Section 3: Communications and Notifications

Working with Conversations and Posts

Understanding Conversations and Posts
Staring a New Conversation
Replying to a Conversation
Formatting a Post
Creating an Announcement
Posting in Multiple Channels
Restricting Replies
Adding Files to Post
Deleting a Message
Adding Emoticons, GIFS, Stickers, and Praise

Working with Notifications

Using Mentions (Direct, Channel, Team)
Creating Tag Groups (Manage Tags)
Modifying Channel Notifications
Controlling your Teams Notifications

Section 4: Managing Teams and Channels
Changing Team and Channel Names
Modifying Privacy Options for Teams
Adjusting Team Settings
Viewing Team Analytics
Creating Channel Moderators
Adding Guests to a Team
Pinning and Hiding Channels
Getting Links to Teams and Channels
Adding Tabs to a Channel
Deleting and Restoring Channels
Deleting a Team

Section 5: Teams and Outlook
Emailing a Channel Link
Sending an Email with an Attachment to a Teams Channel
Sharing a Conversation to Outlook

Section 6: Managing Files in a Channel
Viewing Posted Files
Creating a New File
Uploading a File
Document Collaboration
Managing Files
Moving Files
Adding Cloud Storage
Accessing the Teams SharePoint Page

Section 7: Using Chat
Starting a Chat
Adding Extra People to a Chat
Using Chat Message Features
Overview of Chat Tabs
Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message
Starting Audio or Video Calls

Section 8: Managing Meetings

Creating and Joining a Meeting

Using the Meet Now Feature
Joining a Meeting
Scheduling a Meeting
Inviting External People to your Meeting
Roles and Permissions
Editing and Cancelling a Meeting
Adding Extra People to the Meeting
Understanding the Audio Conferencing Feature
Sending a Meeting Link

Running a Meeting

Screen Sharing
Using the Whiteboard
Adding Meeting Notes
Chatting in a Meeting
Recording a Meeting
Getting Transcripts of the Meeting

Meeting Tips and Extras

Creating Breakout Rooms
Properly Presenting PowerPoint Slides
Tracking Attendance
Making Participants Wait in the Lobby
Using Together Mode, Large Gallery View and Focus
Creating a Live Event

Section 9: Using the Wiki
Viewing the Wiki
Creating Wiki Content
Creating Sections and Pages
Navigating through the Wiki
Renaming the Wiki
Accessing Page and Section Options

Section 10: Teams Extras
Adding and Removing Apps
Adding Connectors
Adding Chatbots
Adding a Shared Calendar to a Team and Connecting to Outlook
Using the Slash Commands

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Microsoft Teams Complete
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