Microsoft Excel Level 3 (Advanced)
(2013, 2016, 2019, 365)

Course Length: 6 hours (1 day)
Excel has many new features that can be used to quickly analyze large amounts of financial information. Power Pivot enables users to combine data from multiple sources; Power View allows users to generate professional looking maps that indicate the location of data. Excel's use of the VBA language enables users to create simple yet effective commands that enhance functionality, improve performance and perform repetitive tasks for you.

Learning Objectives:
In this course you will combine, analyze, and display data using Excel's powerful features, and learn the basics of how to use macros to further extend Excel's capabilities. You will:
  • Perform a What-If analysis by creating scenarios and using data analysis tools such as Goal Seek and Solver
  • Use Data Validation to restrict data entry and create drop-downs
  • Use outlining tools to group and subtotal your data
  • Audit your formulas to help track down any errors
  • Analyze data with Pivot Tables
  • Record and delete macros
  • Edit basic macros using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Link and consolidate data across multiple workbooks
  • Import and export data and run web queries
Target Student:
This course is for users who are familiar with Excel and who wish to expand their knowledge and use of advanced data analysis and time-saving features.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Enhancing Workbooks
Section 1.1: Customizing Workbooks
Background Pictures

Section 1.2: Preparing a Workbook for Multiple Audiences
Add Alternative Text to Objects
Modify Worksheets Using the Accessibility Checker
Manage Fonts

Section 1.3: Managing Themes
About Themes
Customize Themes

Section 1.4: Creating and Using Templates
Create a Template
Modify a Template

Section 2: Working with Multiple Workbooks
Section 2.1: Consolidating Data
Data Consolidation
The Consolidate Dialog Box
Consolidation Functions

Section 2.2: Linking Cells in Workbooks
Understand External References
Link Individual Cells
Link Groups of Cells

Section 2.3: Merging Workbooks
The Compare and Merge Workbooks Feature

Section 3: Analyzing and Presenting Data
Section 3.1: Create Sparklines
What is a Sparkline?
Types of Sparklines
The Sparkline Tools - Design Tab

Section 3.2: Create Scenarios
What is a Scenario?
The Scenario Manager Dialog Box

Section 3.3: Perform A What-if Analysis
Add-in Types
Goal Seek Feature
The Solver Tool

Section 3.4: Perform A Statistical Analysis with the Analysis Toolpak
Add and Review the Analysis Toolpak

Section 4: Importing and Exporting Excel Data
Section 4.1: Exporting Excel Data
The Export Process

Section 4.2: Importing a Delimited Text File
The Import Process
The Get External Data Group
Delimited Text Files
Methods of Importing Text Files

Section 4.3: Integrating Excel Data with the Web
The File Publishing Process
Publish as Web Page Dialog Box

Section 4.4: Creating a Web Query
Web Queries
The New Web Query Dialog Box

Section 5: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables, Slicers, and Pivot Charts
Section 5.1: Creating a Pivot Table
Pivot Tables
The Create Pivot Table Dialog Box
The Pivot Table Fields Pane
Summarize Data in a Pivot Table
The "Show Values As" Functionality of a Pivot Table
Create a Calculated Field
Refresh the Pivot Table Data
Add Style to a Pivot Table
Work with Subtotals and Grand Totals
Introduction to Power Pivot

Section 5.2: Filtering Pivot Table Data
Use the Field Headers
Use the Pivot Table Dialog Box
Use Slicers

Section 5.3: Analyzing Data with Pivot Charts
Create Pivot Charts
Filter with Pivot Charts

Section 6: Automating Worksheet Functionality
Section 6.1: Updating Workbook Properties
Workbook Properties

Section 6.2: Creating and Editing a Macro
What are Macros?
The Record Macro Dialog Box
Name Macros
Visual Basic for Application
Copying Macros Between Workbooks
Macro Security Settings
Difference between a Relative and Absolute Macro

Section 6.3: Applying Conditional Formatting
What is Conditional Formatting?
The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager Dialog Box
Clear Rules

Section 6.4: Adding Data Validation Criteria
Data Validation
The Data Validation Dialog Box

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Level 3 (Advanced)
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