Change Management - Change and How to Deal With It, Turning Resistance into Resilience

Course Length: 3 hrs (virtual)
Suggested maximum number of participants per session: 12

Course Overview
Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth. For some, change is harder to adjust to and can lead to expressions of resistance and anxiety. This course will inspire and give the tools for participants to confidently deal with change and help them turn feelings of resistance into resilience. Participants will better understand their pivotal role in the organization and find their own sense of purpose through the change process.

Learning Objectives:
This course will teach participants how to:
  • Understand why and how we are affected by change
  • Build awareness of assumptions and beliefs
  • Challenge limiting self-talk and change the ‘script’
  • Recognize how to build on our own opportunities and wins when dealing with change
  • Identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace
Target Student:
This program is for employees of your organization who are impacted by changes. The program is most effective when employees impacted by the same changes attend the program together.

Course Outline
This will be an interactive session, giving the participants the tools, mindset and techniques needed to feel more confident with change. Breakout groups will also be used to help create a safe environment for participants to engage.

What Is Change?
To begin the day, we will discuss some basics of change, including definitions and examples.

Change Resume
  • Participants take an inventory of big life and work events
  • What was the situation or what changed?
  • Find one positive outcome from each experience
Change the Change Cycle
  • Explore where we get stuck in the change cycle
  • Understand what methods we can use to break the cycle
  • Put into practice the different techniques
Awareness of Self-Talk
  • Participants will build their awareness of assumptions
  • Explore self-limiting beliefs
  • How to stop and choose
Changing Beliefs, the Four-Legged Table
  • Examine the core beliefs that hold us back as individuals
  • Discuss what we can do about them
  • Build new habits
  • What is resilience?
  • Examples and studies
  • How to build resilience
Managing the Emotions of Change
Stress management and relaxation techniques

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Change and How to Deal With It
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