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At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company our Articulate Storyline training classes come in 2 standard levels. Our Articulate Studio training is offered as a comprehensive course. Please see each course page for an outline of specific topics covered in each class as these can vary.
Articulate Storyline Training Level 1
(Introduction to Intermediate)

Designed for:
  • New to intermediate level Storyline users who need to learn and apply the most important features of the software
  • Existing users who need to improve their skills or gain a better understanding of the tools
Goals: By the end of the class, you’ll be familiar with the important topics of States, Layers, Triggers, Conditions, Branching, Assessments, and Publishing. The real-world hands-on activities will leave you feeling confident using Articulate Storyline on your own after your training.
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Articulate Storyline Training Level 2
(Intermediate to Advanced)

Designed for:
  • Users comfortable with Level 1 topics
  • Users familiar with the basic features of Storyline such as creating slides, layers, triggers, working with timelines, importing text, characters, videos, and creating simple tests, but want a deeper knowledge of the features
Goals: You’ll explore and get familiar with many media features including best practices for audio and video, animations, storyline variables, and multiple conditional triggers. By the end of the class you’ll be able to use the more advanced features of Articulate Storyline confidently.
Upcoming Classes:
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Articulate Studio Training

Designed for:
  • New users to Articulate Studio training with no prior experience
  • Existing users who want to gain a more professional experience using the most valuable features, functions and techniques used in real world experience
Goals: You’ll walk away from the training with the knowledge and hands-on practice to develop eLearning course modules and create compelling eLearning presentations and interactive simulations. In addition to learning key concepts, students also learn best practices for creating quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker, create engaging interactions, record full-motion video demos, and publish SCORM packages.
Upcoming Classes:
No public classes are currently scheduled...
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Combine topics from different courses into one class by creating your own custom outline
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With our Articulate Training you can learn to...

  • Work Efficiently
    • Quickly annotate slides or add audio to your e-learning modules
    • Develop online training at scale
    • Build responsive courses in minutes
    • Easily optimize your training for every screen size
  • Work Effectively
    • Become comfortable with the beginner and more advanced functions of developing e-learning modules
    • Master the use of Presenter, Replay, Quizmaker, and Engage
    • Create slides, layers and triggers
    • Develop videos, animations and software simulations
  • Work Brilliantly
    • Transform your online training with interactive and engaging features
    • Access Articulate's suite of tools designed to help you finish your projects faster
    • Create compelling eLearning presentations and interactive simulations
    • Learn best practices for audio and video
  • And More!

Professional Articulate Training That Sets You Apart

  • Sign up for our Articulate courses to help you:
    • Develop online learning, training and student reporting modules confidently
    • Expertly add in audio and videos to your online courses and training
    • Efficiently develop student quizzes with QuizMaker
    • Become comfortable using media features such as conditional triggers, animations and creating video demos

Why You Need It

Stop spending hours creating eLearning and online training content that falls flat. Expertly create engaging and interactive content that includes animations, quizzes and videos. Whether you’re a new user or have some experience, Articulate training will help you develop professional content in minutes.

  • Unsure of how to add audio and video functionality to your content?
  • Want to learn how to overlay text, add in animation or better your knowledge about creating storylines, triggers and slides?
  • Need to learn how to maximize Articulate’s content library and suite of tools?
Our Articulate training is the perfect solution for you.

Available With These Courses

Your course comes with the following


Workbook: A workbook will be sent to you prior to the start of training


After training support: You’ll have LIVE one-on-one access to our certified instructors for a whole year when you need it


Real time support: Ask your instructor any questions in a small classroom experience. Feel free to give permission to your instructor to view your computer for additional assistance

How You’ll Learn

Get the same training you expect in the classroom without leaving your office or home. These are not recorded classes. They are live sessions with an expert instructor. We use the latest in video conferencing technologies and audio so you can confidently participate in any class just like being right there in person.

Private group classes provide a more cost effective way to train multiple students in the same organization with the training optimized to focus on the topics you specifically need.

Why Learn With Us

The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company is patient and reliable. We will help you find and use the features you need, allowing you to work more efficiently and painlessly. We offer private training to address your Articulate training needs and provide excellent after training support.

Tailor or Customize Your Course

We can also provide customized Articulate training to suit your specific requirements. We offer custom group and one-on-one training for Articulate to provide a course especially suited to you. Let us know the skill level and requirements of your group and we can work with you to develop the course you’d like.

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