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At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company our Illustrator training classes come in 2 standard levels. Please see each course page for an outline of specific topics covered in each class as these can vary depending on the version of the software you use.

Click on a version below to see course objectives for that Level of our Adobe Illustrator training.
Level 1 (Basic)

Designed for:
  • Users new to Adobe Illustrator
  • Those who would like to improve their ability to manage its tools effectively
Goals: You’ll receive a thorough overview of the key components and capabilities that make Illustrator so powerful, including customizing objects, shapes, and paths. You’ll also learn how to prepare your documents for distribution to print or to the web.
Upcoming Classes:
  • October 25, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
  • January 26, 2023 9am to 4pm ET
Level 2 (Advanced)

Designed for:
  • Those comfortable with the basics of Illustrator
  • Users interested in expanding their knowledge by creating and formatting complex illustrations and type
Goals: Here you’ll learn to customize colors and swatches, and to greatly enhance the appearance of artwork. This class will enable you to really master using Illustrator in many innovative and commanding ways.
Upcoming Classes:
  • February 28, 2022 9am to 4pm ET
Combine topics from different courses into one class by creating your own Custom Outline
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With our Adobe Illustrator Training you can learn to...

  • Work Efficiently
    • Create a huge range of creative and technical artwork
    • Adjust existing artwork to be used in presentations, catalogues or sales brochures
  • Work Effectively
    • Show your style as you create attractive and engaging graphics for your small-business needs
  • Work Brilliantly
    • Use Illustrator to build your branding designs to be perfectly scalable across any size of display
  • And More!

Professional Illustrator Training
That Gives You the Edge

Sign up now for our Adobe Illustrator courses to help you:
  • Create elegant and engaging digital graphics for all kinds of print or screen displays
  • Use Illustrator’s powerful capabilities to efficiently adapt your graphics for multiple screen and page sizes
  • Master the skills needed to create all manner of logos, graphics, cartoons and fonts with Illustrator, which can then be used for print and digital purposes
  • Produce marketing material of any size by scaling Illustrator’s vector diagrams
  • And so much more…

Why You Need It

More and more visual elements are used in communication, and the array of devices on which we view those elements is expanding constantly. That means the use of images to create and share information is growing immensely. You need to reach out to mobile apps and to screens of all sizes. You can use Adobe Illustrator to create and manage the necessary graphics that can be used to produce today’s media-rich content. Whether it’s the smallest screen icon, or the largest billboard poster, Illustrator’s vector graphics can be scaled and used to produce professional designs that will make your message live.

  • Worried that your graphics may be lacking in visual appeal and influence?
  • Finding it hard to scale your graphics and retain their resolution clearly?
  • Need to create a sleek company logo that can be used on business cards and on posters?
  • Want to transform product drawings or floor plans into graphics for a catalogue?
Our Adobe Illustrator training is the perfect solution. With it you can acquire the Illustrator skills you need to generate and manage radiant, aesthetically pleasing graphics that will form the base of powerful content that will set you above the crowd.

Available With These Courses

Your course comes with the following


Take the manual anywhere and save the environment with an electronic copy of your training manual for use on any of your computers or devices

After Training Support

Get 30 days of live 24/7 after training support via phone, email and online chat to help apply what you’ve learned
Order the following add-ons for your session

Printed Manual

Instead of the PDF that comes with your course, purchase a printed paper manual for use during your class and future reference

How You’ll Learn

With our Illustrator training you’ll learn from experienced friendly facilitators who know how to make you feel comfortable in your learning environment.

One-on-one tutoring provides the best student experience allowing the trainer to work along with you in depth on your workflow and specific needs.

Private group classes provide a more cost effective way to train multiple students in the same organization with the training optimized to focus on the topics you or your team specifically need.

These classes can be conveniently delivered right at your location, saving you the hassle of travelling offsite.

Why Learn With Us

At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company we care about you and your distinct training requirements. We will help you find and use the tools you need to maximize the power of your graphics. We offer private training, and also consulting services, to enable you to use Illustrator skilfully. We’ve got the experience and the desire to help you master Illustrator’s tools and produce fantastic graphics for print or screen. We can help you customize your course with no stress and with very competitive pricing.

We care and we are there for you every step of the way. We go above and beyond to help guarantee your training success with our after-training support options as well.

Contact us today to book your worry-free Adobe Illustrator training. Working with us is easy!

Tailor or Customize Your Course

We can also provide customized Dreamweaver training to suit your specific requirements, even using your own files if desired. You can pick and choose from our various outlines to build a course especially suited to you. Let us know what you want and we’ll work with you to develop the course you’d like.
  • Share details about your training needs so we can tailor your class
  • Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators
  • Select the objectives you would like to focus on
  • Select objectives from any of our courses to create a custom outline
  • Submit files you would like to learn how to use during the class